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New website is live

After years of letting my old, and very dated, site slide, I have finally found the time to rebuild using a much more modern design style, and a much better understanding of PHP, as well as a framework I have constructed over the last several years.I added some new projects ... More

An update

I'm not much of a blogger. I'm adding a lot of new work that I did over the last 8 months today - finally have a reason to update! More

Actually blogging again!

Thought it was time to add a new entry, I guess.Lot has happened to me lately. I recently left Cobalt Coyote Creative to be a junior Python developer with a company in Seattle called Screenplay, Inc. The job was great! I loved it, I loved my co-workers, I ... More

Almost finished with the new site

It's coming along fantastically. All I need to finish now is the gallery and contact form and I'm done! More